How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

There was this person who purchased an outdated music player in the hope of earning profits by selling it. The end result was as expected and he was not able to the sell the same just because it had no resale value. His friend was much brighter and had an eye for the future. He had stocked up on a particular item because he was sure that they would be in demand in the future. There is no need to say that the second person managed to sell off his goods at a huge margin.
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Making Of Heat Maps, Thematic And Choropleth Maps

Thematic maps (or choropleth maps) are a main category of heat maps that are designed to show a particular theme, which is related to a specific geographic region such as countries, states or counties.

If you want to represent your data with respect to some specific location, e.g. countries of the world, the fifty United States, or US counties, you can think of using thematic maps.

Thematic maps make use of color-coded areas to show geographic patterns in statistical data, like that of the population or median income of a specific area. There are various types of thematic maps that include choropleth or shaded maps, proportional symbol maps, dot maps, and isarithmic (contour) maps. Continue reading