5 Best Ways To Get Backlinks – Learn The Golden Link Rule

One of the main ways Google used to define pagerank is by the number of backlinks to your website. But it’s not all about quantity either. Quality has a lot to do with it as well. The other thing they look at is how many relevant backlinks you have. Even a PR3 one way backlink from a website in your niche is much more powerful than a PR3 website that is not related to your niche. But remember the Golden Link Rule, any link from any website has more value than no link.

Here are some of the best sources for One-Way Incoming Links.

1.) Article Directories – There are hundreds of them out there, but the Article Directories you should concern yourself with are the top 10 directories. Writing Articles is very important, and we make a full time living and it is 90% of our incoming link strategy. This is one technique you do not want to dismiss.

2.) Directory Submissions – Use a good Directory Submission Service just one time. This will cause hundreds of Unique IP’s to point to your site.

3.) Create a Video – Create at least one Video to your website. It could be a screen capture video using some software like Camtasia, or a real video. Always include your URL at the bottom of the video. Most importantly, include the URL of your website in the front of your description before you submit your video. This way visitors can easily click through to your website. It will also show the search engines your site is important. Submit these to about 30 of the top video submission sites.

4.) Press Releases – Write up a Press Release and use your primary keyword in your Anchor Text. This will create another entirely new set of IP Addresses to link back to you. We’ve used PR Web for our retail stores. Every time we’ve submitted a Press Release we’ve made back what we spent in direct sales, which made the Press Release free.

5.) Post On Relevant Blogs – Participate in the comments section on relevant blogs related to your Niche. Do a Google Search on “your niche” + Blogs. You’ll find lots of them popup. These days many more webmasters love to receive comments that are well thought out and unique. Try to make them at least 4 sentences.

The other rule when it comes to backlinks is to make sure you get them from a variety of different sources. Don’t get them all from one place. This makes Google think your website is very important, and this is what you’re striving for. Just about any business will benefit greatly from these strategies. But don’t forget your on-site SEO as well. Make sure your website is optimized for the keywords you want to rank for.

There are many other techniques we know of to get more backlinks to your website. Just let us know if you want us to discuss these with you for free.


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