Baby Killer

Soon after extensive health care bill passed in the House somebody yelled “Baby Killer” when Bart Stupak was speaking. It was not clear who shouted there.
Bart Stupak, an anti-abortion Democratic congressman was speaking in opposition to a Republican action in order to slay the passed legislation.

Several congressmen started yelling at him and at the end of the debate a shout came calling Bart a “Baby Killer”. Bart led a group of anti-abortion Democrats who were in favor of the rejection of the bill. The group has its perception of this bill that it’ll permit the federal funding for abortions instead of demoting the cases of rapes.

Bart’s started the objection to spoil the chances of successful clearance of the bill. But Obama made a deal that he’ll ensure federal funding will remain same and made him win the support of the anti-abortion Democrats on Sunday. After bill got passed Republicans stood up against the motion but it didn’t pass.


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