Lawrence Of Arabia

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He said you could have killed him but only with a ‘golden bullet’. Thomas Edward Lawrence of “Lawrence Of Arabia” is said to have been one of the iconic roles ever cast in Hollywood. TCM Essentials aired “Lawrence Of Arabia“on March 20, reviving the tale of a lifetime which narrates the story of Thomas Edward Lawrence and his adventure saga in the deserts of Arabia. Lawrence Of Arabia is recorded to be one of the costliest movies ever made in Hollywood.

Lawrence Of Arabia is directed by David Lean and casts Peter O’Toole in the lead role along with Hollywood yesteryear stars like Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharif. The story of “Lawrence Of Arabia” isn’t just a movie but a heroic tale that has elements of adventure, escapism and realization of ones own worth in the long run of life. The character of the protagonist goes through major twists and turns and like every other hero, Thomas Edward Lawrence ends up becoming a sadist at the very end of the movie “Lawrence Of Arabia”.

Lawrence of Arabia” follows a flashback style of narration and moves on to relate the various adventures of the hero and his tussling out with the enemies in the movie. Lawrence of Arabia was awarded seven Academy awards that included Best Picture by Sam Spiegel , Best Director for David Lean, Best Art Direction by the trio John Box, Dario Simoni and John Stoll. Freddie Young was awarded for best Cinematography. Maurice Jaree and Ann V.Coates picked up the academy award for best original music score and best film editing respectively, while the best sound award went to John Cox.


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