10 Simple Twitter Safety Tips

Twitter is undoubtedly growing as a micro blogging platform and is used widely across the world. But off late there has been lot of phishing scams, passwords being hacked and many more threats. There has also been many people fired from companies because of tweets. So it always better to follow simple safety tips while tweeting and to protect your account. So here are some basic twitter safety tips.


1. Do not share your personal information like telephone, email ID, address, location etc, they can be dangerous at times.

2. Do not share your passwords and be careful while clicking shortened links in Tweets.

3. Keep your profile information short and try to follow only people you know.

4. Beware of phishing attacks through DMs, they might ask your username and password. In case of such links report it as spam to Twitter.

5. Do not give your username and passwords to applications which are not reliable. In case you have already given access to your account, make sure you revoke the access as soon as possible.

6. If you want to communicate only with your friends, make your tweets as private. But again, do not share confidential information in private tweets as well.

7. Change your password regularly and also create a strong password.

8. Do not share your location. Although there is a geo tagging feature in Twitter, it is always good that you dont share too much information about your location.

9. Avoid yourself from being impersonated. Although you might not be using Twitter, somebody else might have signed up with your name and sending out unwanted tweets. In such cases you can request Twitter by using this form.

10. Respect Twitter policies and limits. Do not spam twitter by sending out unwanted updates.


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